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 Your slogan here? Re: 4whitebusiness

I'm new to XOOPS so forgive me if I'm missing the obvious.

4whitebusiness is a fine theme, and we will probably use it as we launch our site. However, I can't figure out how to make the "Your Slogan Here" change to our designated slogan. If it's just a bug in the theme, I'm planning to hack around in the theme files and fix it manually, but I'm guessing the diligent thing to do would be to report a bug.

I'm assuming that the slogan entered under General Preferences is the one that should really appear there. If not, and i'm overlooking an obvious way to change it, then apologies in advance.


 Re: Your slogan here? Re: 4whitebusiness

If it is text you will need to replace the "Your Slogan Here" text in theme.html with your slogan.

If it is an image then you will need to make a graphic the same dimensions and name it the same as the current image, upload it to the themes image directory replacing the original.

A little customizing of theme.html is normally needed. The feature that you mention in general preferences is usually shown in the title bar.


 Re: 4whitebusiness

I've been trying to get your theme to work with the Weblog 1.4 module but I'm not having very much success. I am getting a black block to the right of the blog title, category and author and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I'm not sure if it's something in the theme with colors being set to transparent or if it's something with the weblog module. I also get the very same black box over the blog footer and under the blog entry text.

I've been trying to figure it out but I'm at a stand still, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Keith Strickland


 Re: Your slogan here?

I have made the change to the Your Slogan Here text in the theme.html file but it does not change on the site. I have dumped the cache; I have downloaded it to view the file in Dreamweaver and it actually does have my slogan when I look that way.

Any suggestions? I know this post is quite 'after the fact" as to the age of the theme but it is a great theme and I need that to not say "Your Slogan Here"



 Re: Your slogan here?

try updating the system in admin > modules


 Re: Your slogan here?



thanks- it worked.....


 Re: Your slogan here?

I have tried modifing the themes.html and updating the module and I am still seeing the 'Your Slogan Here'. Any idea?


 Re: Your slogan here?

Empty "templates_c" folder EXCEPT the "index.html" file and than refresh the page


 Re: Your slogan here?

Thanks. That worked.

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