This is my first attempt at building a theme. Sunshine is a bright, happy theme, and it is based on the karate_redux theme. (Thanks, ackbarr!) Here are some important changes I have made:

• I removed part of the newbb2 CSS file and added it to the Sunshine CSS file, so that the dropdown menus in the newbb2 Forums match the Sunshine color scheme. More details can be found in the Sunshine CSS file toward the bottom. Please read the notes whether you are using newbb2 or not.
• I added the Search field and link to Advanced Search to the header, just below where the banners go. This saves a little space on your pages and allows the Search to be readily available throughout your website.
• The theme looks best in Firefox or Netscape. It still looks okay in Internet Explorer, but not as good as Firefox or Netscape. I'm recommending that my users get Firefox so they can more fully enjoy my site.
• I added a small picture to the package (shot.gif) that the XT-Temas module uses. Of course, you can make your own picture for XT-Temas if you like.

If you like the layout but not the colors, here's how you can hack this theme to suit your taste.

• The darkest yellow color is #FFFFAA. Do a Find-Replace on #FFFFAA in the style.css, styleNN.css, and styleMAC.css, and you will change the darkest yellow color.
• The medium yellow color is #FFFFD2. Do a Find-Replace on #FFFFD2 etc...
• The lightest yellow color is #FFFFF0. Do a Find-Replace on #FFFFF0 etc...
• The red color of the links, borders, etc. is #990000. Do a Find-Replace on #990000 etc...
• The light gray color that serves as the border between table cells (and a couple other places) is #CCCCCC. Do a find-replace on #CCCCCC etc...

Well, that's about it. If you have any questions or comments, let me know. Enjoy the Sunshine!

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 Re: Sunshine

By the way, this theme was developed by beerMe. The homepage is Beer Lovers Everywhere, which isn't quite done yet.


 Re: Sunshine

I love how you matched the NEWBB drop down menu buttons with the menu background. This seemingly eradicates the, IMHO, impersonal blocky menus that it uses.

Love the color scheme too, never thought yellow could look so practical.

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