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 Re: alightFC

Nice theme but the top menu bar doesn't work right in Firefox. All the pull down menus show at the far left of the screen instead of below the subject


 Re: alightFC

Your theme is great. I just want to know how to remove the top menu?


 Re: alightFC

Anyone can fix this problem?


 Re: alightFC

Try to force the "separated" uses of css files into themes.html (styleNN.css and stype.css) and write into each one, the particular diferences like are suggested by W3C for each navigator engine.
Do not let styleNN.css import stype.css.


 Re: alightFC

The previous posters are right. This is indeed a great theme and very much pleasant on the eyes.. however, as mentioned earlier, the drop down menu on the horizontal bar does not work properly on firefox..

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it..

CSS is really not my cup of tea nor am I really talented in design..

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