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 Re: 7dana-Xred

Thank you for the great work!
I used the theme and feel good

You can visit my site and see the design, Thanks!



 Re: 7dana-Xred

I went to the site pinson listed here; it immediately gave me the pop-up to download a file and my virus protection kicked in.




 Re: 7dana-Xred

It's time to toss out your anti virus software.


 Re: 7dana-Xred

All skins (themes) from the 7dana series are very nice and they can be modified in various ways !
Excelent work !

Svaka cast prijatelju !!!!


 Re: 7dana-Xred

Ariss, all the best to you.

btw. the 7Xred(7dana-Xred) template is built from scratch and now compatible with latest XOOPS version (2.0.15), including the new block positioning.

You can see a live demo here.


 Re: 7dana-Xred

Hi there,

I've been using the 7dana-Xred theme on WikiStudent since the beginning of the year and love it!

I'll admit I chose this theme for my wiki site because the yellow flower reminded me of MediaWiki . When designing a logo I then replaced it with a South African flower: a red Protea.

The only other changes I made were to the top menu, and I removed the search box. This is all in all a really beautiful theme.

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