XOOPS 2.2.3a to 2.2.4 upgrade patch

The XOOPS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the XOOPS 2.2.4 Patch release. This is a maintenance release that fixes many bugs and features some security enhancements. Thus, is it HIGHLY recommended to every XOOPS 2.2.x user to upgrade to this version as soon as possible.


- Security fix: sanitizing $xoopsConfig["language"]: multiple files (phppp)
- Fixed reference-related issue, partially: multiple files (phppp)
- Fixed aged HTML tag errors: multiple files (phppp)(*)
- Fixed bug that not check verification password for user registration: ROOT/modules/profile/register.php (phppp/tester)
- Fixed Bug #1340925 - Mailing a selection doesn't work correctly (Mithrandir/pinchecl)
- Fixed Bug #1346904 - XMT theme - 404 message (Mithrandir/Peter777)
- Fixed profile field treatement error to allow XOBJ_DTYPE_URL clickable: ROOT/kernel/profilefield.php (phppp)
- Reduced file size for cached profile field data: ROOT/kernel/profilefield.php, profile.php (phppp)
- Added missing time offset for calculating time: ROOT/language/english/local.php (phppp)
- Changed rss time to take into account time zone: ROOT/language/english/local.php (phppp)
- Fixed bug that a user could read any message via message ID: ROOT/modules/pm/readmsg.php (phppp)
- Fixed url error: ROOT/modules/pm/templates/pm_viewmsg.html (phppp)
- Fixed bug that webmaster could not access inactive user info: ROOT/modules/profile/userinfo.php (phppp)
- Fixed bug that user could not change email: ROOT/modules/profile/edituser.php (phppp)
- Fixed bug that profile field value type couldn't be changed: ROOT/modules/profile/include/forms.php (phppp)
- Added rights for admin in user account check: ROOT/modules/profile/include/functions.php (phppp)
- Changed sort for user from name to uname: ROOT/modules/system/admin/groups/groups.php (phppp)
- Fixed bug for censor word update: ROOT/modules/system/admin/preferences/main.php (phppp)
- Fixed bug for template paths: ROOT/modules/system/admin/tplsets/main.php (phppp/wenmingpig)
- Added user profile default values update on system module update: ROOT/modules/system/include/update.php (phppp)
- Changed CSS for font color for user name and text in footer: themedefault (phppp/Steven)
- Fixed url bug: ROOT/modules/system/admin/templates/system_imagemanager2.html (phppp)
- Added single quote sanitizing: ROOT/pda.php (phppp)(*)
- Added charset setting: ROOT/header.php (phppp)
- Added URL sanitizing: ROOT/search.php (phppp)(*)
- Fixed error messages: ROOT/lostpass.php (phppp)
- Fixed user login redirect error: ROOT/user.php (phppp, reported by Anne)
- Forced disabling gzip_compression: ROOT/class/theme.php (phppp)
- Added sanitizing for meta footer: ROOT/class/theme.php (phppp)
- Added $xoopsModule check: ROOT/class/theme.php (phppp)
- Changed/Rolledback(partially) "makeclicable",changed censor string process : ROOT/class/module.textsanitizer.php (phppp)
- PHP 5 compatibility: ROOT/class/xml/saxparser.php (phppp)(*)
- Added meta data sanitizing in header: ROOT/include/functions.php (phppp)(*)
- Fixed typo for redirect time, added missing trimmaker for substr, changed userealname to false: ROOT/include/functions.php (phppp)(*)
(*): from XoopsCube

Submitter: onokazu
Publisher: XOOPS Core Development Team
Released: Mon, 23-Jan-2006

Version: 2.2.4
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