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Welcome to XOOPS!
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Author: Mamba
Published: 2009/10/6 23:47:00
Here are top reasons why XOOPS is the most powerful and creative option for your new website project:

1. XOOPS is the #1 Content Management System (CMS) project on

2. XOOPS is recipient of several awards, and constantly places as finalist in various CMS and Open Source competitions

3. XOOPS uses a database (currently MySql) to store all the content

4. XOOPS uses style sheets (CSS) that allow quick and uniform style changes throughout the site

5. XOOPS uses templates that can be easily customised to suite your design needs.

6. XOOPS uses sophisticated access permissions to allow registered users special access to hidden sections

7. XOOPS uses add-in modules to display different types of content according to your design needs.

8. XOOPS is open source, that means it's totally free of charge with no timeouts or adverts attached.

9. XOOPS is well supported by a large community of thousands of developers and users worldwide.

10. XOOPS is being constantly improved and developed to incorporate all the latest website concepts and WC3 standards.

11. XOOPS allows custom development of themes, styles and modules to fit your exact needs.

12. XOOPS is search engine friendly and can produce optimised URLs in website addresses.

13. XOOPS uses safe and recognised PHP programming methods to ensure data integrity and security.

14. XOOPS is a dynamic Content Management System (CMS), that means you can edit, delete, add and update content online instantly.

15. XOOPS incorporates many modules such as forums, photo galleries, calendars, article management etc.

16. XOOPS offers a superb email notification system allowing members to be updated instantly of any content changes.

17. XOOPS has a built in administration area that is available only to webmasters directly through the browser.

18. XOOPS does not require programming knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, although this can be useful for customization.

19. XOOPS can import whole existing websites written in HTML retaining complete integrity of all content and objects.

20. XOOPS is recognized by CMS Watch as a bonified, mature and well supported system that suites a wide audience of users.

21. XOOPS uses extensive use of Smarty template engine that will be a delight to web developers and serious programmers.

22. XOOPS can be easily backed up to keep all your files and data safe in the event of a server crash.

23. XOOPS is multi-lingual allowing all major languages to use the system and modules.
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