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Xoops France: Mobile Version

Posted by tatane on 2013/3/28 15:10:00 (3175 reads) | Posted on Themes
It is with pride that the team Xoops France is pleased to present the new version of your support national francophone mobile version.

Now thanks to this application you can watch on your mobile phone or tablet every news forum, news, and stay in touch constantly with your favorite CMS
Frxoops mobile
In this mobile version, simplicity and ergonomics were the main objectives to navigate easily through the site.Vous therefore have access to the most essential items such as news, discussion forum, the latest sites Xoopsés the FAQ and that also the contact form.

The latest articles related to social networks were also included to allow you to watch live activities performed.

Tablette version :

Resized Image

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Link to mobile version here.

To return to original theme, click to this link.
Published: 2013/4/2 16:16 • Updated: 2013/4/2 16:23
I like it.
Published: 2013/4/3 2:54 • Updated: 2013/4/3 2:54
nice ...can you share how to do the theme redirection if user using mobile
Published: 2013/4/3 6:45 • Updated: 2013/4/3 6:45
1- Download the file located on Mobile_Detect.php here
2- Transferring the file Mobile_Detect.phpto the folder root/include
3- Add in the header.php file in the lines 31 $xoopsLogger->startTime('XOOPS
output init'); the line
$detect = new Mobile_Detect();
if (
$detect->isMobile()) {// tous les mobiles
$xoopsConfig['theme_set'] = 'theme_mobile';

theme_mobile is the name of thème
Published: 2013/4/3 7:05 • Updated: 2013/4/3 7:05
thank you tatane

what if we want the user to go back to the full site (full theme) while still in mobile ? is this possible?
Published: 2013/4/3 8:16 • Updated: 2013/4/3 8:16
Tatane thank you for the theme is what I've done with my forum under xoops

And of course it can just add two button for example on / off enabled or not as a link with mobile theme

for the button on

and for the off button
Published: 2013/4/6 11:28 • Updated: 2013/4/6 11:28
has this been released for download? I couldn't find any links to try it outside of the demo.
Published: 2013/4/9 10:01 • Updated: 2013/4/9 10:01
currently no download link, but as said on xoopsfr I'll try to put it as a download for the community when I finished editing templates
Published: 2013/4/9 13:19 • Updated: 2013/4/9 13:19
this will be great
Published: 2013/4/30 10:12 • Updated: 2013/4/30 10:12
I think we're all anxiously waiting for this FANTASTIC new app from Xoops France
Published: 2013/4/30 10:42 • Updated: 2013/4/30 10:42