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Xortify 2.31 - Include #Stop #Forum #Spam dot COM P#rovider

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/3/19 8:46:39 (4751 reads) | Posted on Modules
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Xortify - Fortify your XOOPS.

Xortify is a network security drone that uses Web 2.0 techniques to link between your XOOPS installs and other via a XML Cloud. This will prevent security intrusions to your xoops with accurate deceptive notation of the intruder and prevent any farmed attacks. It is an accessory and required Protector to be installed an running to be part of the hookup. Otherwise it will run without protector just make sure you deselect protector as a provider.

It will display a template if you are banned and is an accessory to protector or any other firewall technology. The site itself is driven from .. Cloud computing is web 2.0/3.0 stuff it used a SOAP XML exchange backend to work, this will eventually be included in xoops as a support class, that is SOAP protocol.

A cloud computing process is one which staggers multiple networks sometime and mainly unknown to the webmaster into a network or cloud of data. In this example it is IP and Netaddy names to control access lists.

This will prevent predators from exposing your network to lag and other attacks from link farming, often this means many xoops are attacked in occasions which is all the time caught by protector, this way if an attack is in process across a large spectrum of links, your site will down itself to your sourced attack even if it is discovered on a completely unaffiliated site that is link farmed to yours or on a XOOPS User list.

Xortify is a cloud solution to protectors Bad IPs, if someone attempts to hack your site and becomes a bad IP it will then send the IP to the Ban Cloud on and its paired cloud It will also poll the server to make sure it has the latest ban list so your website will be aware of malusers before they attack through farming IP from services like Google or bing.

We have finally ironed out all bugs!!! and this should run on any PHP5 and ealier system, this is designed for pre 2.4 XOOPS just fillow the installation if you have an earlier version of XOOPS, even if you don't run protector, you can run Xortify to provide protection from the banned users on multiple clouds on the internet - this includes the xortify cloud as well as the cloud called Stop Forum Spam.

Whats New in this feature

Bugs Fixed
  • cURL Polling


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There was a problem with the XSD on some of the cloud plugins, there is nothing wrong with the module and you are able to register now with any of the protocols. I appologies about any frustration this may have caused.

Remember Xortify is now 100% tested. We have documented the API incase anyone wants to intergrate with them with other modules.

See for more information, if you like you can download xortify 2.32 which has added security with passing passwords as an MD5 hash - - 115Kb
Published: 2011/3/22 12:21 • Updated: 2011/3/22 12:53
Xortify 2.33 now includes a provider and API Calls on the cloud for project Honeypot, if you run XOOPS then i can really recommend you use Xortify. Available from Xortify 2.33 or download directly from - 117Kb
Published: 2011/3/24 5:32 • Updated: 2011/3/24 5:33
Xortify 2.35 should be the final release, i finally got some feedback from trabis which is good and he helped me debug a couple of errors with it, the API ones on SOAP i had to action at the end of the routine with XSOAP.. so those are now fixed as well.

Download: - 118kb
Published: 2011/3/26 10:50 • Updated: 2011/3/26 10:50
Sorry, the main reason the module is bug free is because it does not even load the preloads.

Once the preloads bug was fixed I started getting Errors all around.

This would be a nice module if it actually worked.

Please Simon, turn your debug mode 'on' before releasing "stable" modules.
Published: 2011/3/26 12:46 • Updated: 2011/3/26 12:49
Well trabis you should turn off your error checking level on PHP most production machines only report criticial errors, anyway, I have worked on it since we last chat and I am happy to report that it is all working in 2.36


Hundreds of companies i have worked for turn down PHP error reporting to just critical on a production machine, this is because it speeds up PHP hierstics anyway a Warning and a Notice is not an error.. I will tell you once again like I have mamba and hundreds of people you need to turn down your error checking php.ini to E_CRITICAL only.

I think my XP SP3 box i was working on this code on orginally was compromised, you know when you take on spam bots and spam networks there is alsorts of nasties, i found bugs that wheren't there orginally you know when the network reports bans, so it was all working before but luckly I have moved over to developing on a more hopefully secure environment, microsoft tend to write a leaky box for the US Government with backdoors.

That is partly why they don't release these things under GNU as people would know all the backdoors they have programmed in.
Published: 2011/3/26 13:07 • Updated: 2011/3/26 13:13
Well I noticed thanks to Peter that the header was being sent by one of the providers in Xortify, this would affect redirect scripts in some of my modules, but most people probably wouldn't notice much apart from the old redirection being prevelant in 2.5.0 not the jGrowl one.

Please download the latest copy of xortify from the download is below.

Download: - 117Kb
Published: 2011/3/28 6:18 • Updated: 2011/3/28 6:18
wish there are un error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/modules/smartsection/item.php on line 30

Published: 2011/3/28 6:49 • Updated: 2011/3/28 6:50
Your quick tim, that error was only there for around 5 minutes... on had nothing to do with xortify tho? why did you comment it here?
Published: 2011/3/28 10:44 • Updated: 2011/3/28 10:44
To trabis and the team, I will continue to develop this module to the point where it has logs so you can tell when it is beating spam and firing the honeypot etc.

It has some minor improvements for reporting on the protector provider, there was a minor issue I found with a foreach that cycles through the bad IPs..

All the warnings and notices have been fixed as well so it should run error free now..

Download: - 117Kb

Trabis could you tell me here if it is all working for you now to spec for inclusion with XOOPS 2.5.2 RC and later, as I will add the logs etc to it soon.
Published: 2011/3/28 20:10 • Updated: 2011/3/28 20:17
Hi Simon, I'm now testing version 2.42 and I have the following report:

1-There are less warnings being displayed and I have no blank pages, good

2-There are more config settings and the log looks promising, I have not logged anything at the moment so I'll give you feedback on it latter.

3-You said Xortify should not make my site slower, that API calls would be spaced by 20 minutes or whatever I set on config but, the site is really SLOW.
I have gone from 0.15s page loads to 1.5s page loads. As you understand this renders the module as useless. Please check what is the module doing, this kind of module should be light fast, if you are using curl in each request then something is wrong, lists should be delivered from cache. Again, this module sounds promising, but it is not delivering yet. Thank you!
Published: 2011/3/29 14:23 • Updated: 2011/3/29 14:23

I have gone from 0.15s page loads to 1.5s page loads.

That sounds odd cause it will only do an API call every 10 minutes or so.. Perhaps I need to look at the providers a little more..


OKey I have checked out the providers for and and they seem to be calling themseleve on every page refresh this is probably why you are getting such a low load time. Plus the server is in australia you may find it performs quicker if you point your urls at the german service

Download: - 148Kb

I can suggest you install this one, it has those providers fixed so it will only call them every 10 minutes per IP rather than every page hit which was what was slowing you down in this example.

If you want to change this setting you can in the preferences and the option to adjust is:

Seconds to base Ban List on!
Period of time for ban list to be invocated!

You will find this option in the preferences. THe first page impression you do will be probably what your measuring 1.5s but all subsequent page impression should be on the file cache until it expires and refreshes with that time i suggest you up a bit.. mind you people are normally only on a website for 4 - 8 minutes anyway.
Published: 2011/3/29 17:02 • Updated: 2011/3/29 17:06