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Classifieds 2.52 released

Posted by jlm69 on 2011/3/17 13:47:01 (4727 reads) | Posted on Modules
Classifieds 2.52 released.

Resized Image

This is just bug-fix version.

Fixed the search not working properly, if you used a keyword and any other option (state/region, category or price range) the results were not right, it was ignoring the keyword.

Now the search works even if you don't use a keyword, just choose a state/region or category and you will get back results.
You can not just enter the price range, you must choose one other option (keyword, category or state/region).

Get the download HERE.

report any problems HERE.



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Thanks John!
Published: 2011/3/17 16:39 • Updated: 2011/3/17 16:39
Does it have an XPayment implementation so you can take payment for ads?
Published: 2011/3/18 1:56 • Updated: 2011/3/18 1:56
Yes indeed. XPayment could be a great opportunity for modules developers. Xoops have tons of great modules, just like Classifieds and others, but too many of it doesn't have the payment feature. Managing payments globally is a great ideea, and makes Xoops more attractive for web solutions.
Published: 2011/3/18 2:43 • Updated: 2011/3/18 2:43
John, question regarding the changes in file "formselect.php"

Is the change in the line:

return "nvar hasSelected = false; var selectBox = myform.{$eltname};" "for (i = 0; i < selectBox.options.length; i++ ) { if (selectBox.value != "") { hasSelected = true; break; } }" "if (!hasSelected) { window.alert("{$eltmsg}"); selectBox.focus(); return false; }";

fixing a bug? If yes, should the change be included in 2.5.1?
Published: 2011/3/18 8:18 • Updated: 2011/3/18 8:18
Yes, I agree blindman, I think integrating xpayments with one of the directory modules would be a another good move for Xoops.
Published: 2011/3/18 14:59 • Updated: 2011/3/18 14:59
Thanks a lot john for the release.

I am a big fan of your classified module. I am on v2.5 at

Could you please let me know the changes from v2.5 to 2.52?
Can I copy the updated files or do I need to update the entire module?

Published: 2011/3/18 17:50 • Updated: 2011/3/18 17:50
@ Mamba

When I first reported this problem with formselect.php Peekay mentioned that if you comment out the function:

function renderValidationJS()

at the end of formselect.php everything seems to work fine. It does I tested it.

So I think maybe it should be commented out or removed in the next release of Xoops. This problem has been in every version of Xoops so far. Validation must be checked somewhere else or it would not work right if commented out.

Someone had the same problem with formcheckboxes.php so maybe comment out that function too. (just a guess)

I think that is far better than my idea. I will commented it out in my next release, and until it gets changed in the core.

@ wishcraft

I will add a plugin for xpayment but I thought it was still an RC.

@ deepak267

From version 2.5 to 2.52 I think you are better off updating the whole module, sorry, it doesn't look like you have made a lot of modifications, did you?


Published: 2011/3/19 11:28 • Updated: 2011/3/19 11:28
Thanks for your response John,

I am currently running on xoops 2.4.4, so planning to review all installed module and upgrade them with xoops 2.5.x

Published: 2011/3/19 14:19 • Updated: 2011/3/19 14:19

I will add a plugin for xpayment but I thought it was still an RC.

Xpayment 1.29 and later is out of RC.. Contact me (simon at chronolabs dot coop) and I will send you the 1.31 which will be the final release once I have the language packs.

Perhaps you can check adslight 1.11 for the implementation i did there, where people can either pay for an ad or pay for an item depending on permissions set.
Published: 2011/3/20 2:10 • Updated: 2011/3/20 2:49
the state/region files are missing in the zip

they should be in the includes folder
Published: 2011/7/29 2:52 • Updated: 2011/7/29 2:52
The State/Region files are in the admin/include folder.

Published: 2011/7/29 6:08 • Updated: 2011/7/29 6:08
the problem is they are in admin/includes/multi and admin/includes/single

the program is looking for them in admin/includes

and then there's this


Warning: include_once(../../../../../include/cp_header.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in modules\classifieds\admin\include\england.php on line 28

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening '../../../../../include/cp_header.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;/usr/local/php5/PEAR') in \modules\classifieds\admin\include\england.php on line 28

when you move them to the includes folder
Published: 2011/7/29 6:39 • Updated: 2011/7/29 6:51
what version of Xoops are you using?
The files go in the admin/include/multi or single folder.
Was this an upgrade or a fresh install?

Check admin/region.php that is where those files are used, Check the path there. You should see this

if ($xoopsModuleConfig["".$mydirname."_countries"] == "1") {

echo "<legend style='font-weight: bold; color:#900;'>".constant($cloned_lang."_LISTS")."</legend>";
echo "<br /><br />";
echo "<a href="include/multi/usstates.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_US_STATES")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/multi/canada.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_CANADA")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/multi/france.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_FRANCE")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/multi/italy.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_ITALY")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/multi/england.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_ENGLAND")."</a><br />";
echo "</fieldset>";
} else {
echo "<legend style='font-weight: bold; color:#900;'>".constant($cloned_lang."_LISTS")."</legend>";
echo "<br /><br />";
echo "<a href="include/single/usstates.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_US_STATES")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/single/canada.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_CANADA")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/single/france.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_FRANCE")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/single/italy.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_ITALY")."</a><br />";
echo "<a href="include/single/england.php">".constant($cloned_lang."_ENGLAND")."</a><br />";
echo "</fieldset>";

If you don't see this in the region.php file then it is wrong. And if you notice, it is looking in admin/include/multi or single.

If you are using Xoops 2.3.3b you must also replace Xoops file - include/cp_header.php

My computer died yesterday so I will not be around much till I can fix it, but I will at least check this every day from another computer.


Published: 2011/7/30 8:04 • Updated: 2011/7/30 8:36