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ExtGallery 1.09 (RC2)

Posted by voltan on 2011/3/8 15:20:00 (5019 reads) | Posted on Modules
Thanks to everybody who took the time to test RC1 and reported bugs!

Several of the bugs have been now fixed, and the RC2 is now ready for testing.

Please check changelog.txt to see all changes.

Download: You can download the RC2 version from here

If you could test RC2 this week, I would very much appreciate it, so it could be release next week, if there are no bugs

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Is there some change with language define ?
If not, could you add french translation (extgallery 1.09 RC1) ?
Published: 2011/3/8 15:53 • Updated: 2011/3/8 15:57
Voltan grateful for the excellent module and the commitment to the development of it.

Portuguese translation in progress.

Once finished I will send you the files
Published: 2011/3/8 15:54 • Updated: 2011/3/8 16:00
The album configuration options (not the jQuery effects options) are not shown in RC2 (they work in RC1).
Published: 2011/3/8 17:18 • Updated: 2011/3/8 17:18
The album configuration options (not the jQuery effects options) are not shown in RC2 (they work in RC1).

They show up over here, i.e.:

- Overlay confirguration
- Tooltip configuration
- Fancybox configuration
- PrettyPhoto configuration

Do you have a blank screen? Or what is missing? Can you provide a screenshot?
Published: 2011/3/8 18:01 • Updated: 2011/3/8 18:01
The album configuration options (not the jQuery effects options) are not shown in RC2 (they work in RC1).

we move some of the options to Preferences
Published: 2011/3/9 0:44 • Updated: 2011/3/9 0:44
The album configuration "container" shows up, but not the options in it, i.e. the number of photos per row and column, and jQuery effect.

I completely uninstalled, removed files, copied them back two times (from the downloaded file) and did the same with RC1. Same thing every time. Given my previous problems, though, I wouldn't rule out me having the most weird installation of XOOPS and extGallery ever :-S

Edit: I can see now that the options are moved to the preferences page, but I still have the empty container on the album page.
Published: 2011/3/9 1:51 • Updated: 2011/3/9 2:20
please check page url . it's



Published: 2011/3/9 3:56 • Updated: 2011/3/9 3:56
The uploader module doesn't work on my site... i get a msgbox indicating an error :

Error : error during applet initialisation. Have a look in your java console

Alert : java.lang.NullPointerException in JUpload.Panel.DoStartUpload()

It was already the case with RC1...

Also, when i checked yes to keep original picture, and try to add many heavy picture, the upload bug very quickly (after the first or second picture!)
Published: 2011/3/9 5:23 • Updated: 2011/3/9 5:23
I am having trouble locating the kenburns effects
Published: 2011/3/14 21:02 • Updated: 2011/3/14 21:02
How are we doing on testing?

Any critical bugs?

The latest version is here.

We would like to release it soon as a Final.

Please help us out with testing...
Published: 2011/3/16 19:02 • Updated: 2011/3/16 19:02
I definitely miss the feature that users can create new albums within the existing categories during the upload process.

Will this possibility be implemented in future versions?

If there are there german language files, where can I find them?

After bathupload the sorting is a little bit confusing. There is no change when I swich from ascending to descending in the prefercences. I have an album containing 41 photos. When I click on the first photo, it opens as the 37th in the single photo view.
Published: 2011/3/21 3:43 • Updated: 2011/3/21 3:43
I have problems with other jquery animation on galleria block template, it seem a jquery conflict.

Please tell me how to fix it.
Published: 2011/3/21 3:50 • Updated: 2011/3/21 3:50
There is a mistake in the table of the Photo Information.

Either there should be a colspan="2" in the second and third row or an additional cell.

<!-- Start Photo Information --> <table class="outer"> <tbody><tr> <th colspan="2">Photo information</th> </tr> <tr> <td class="even">Submitter : <a href="http://...">...</a>, <a href="http:/...">all photos by ...</a></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="even">Added 20.03.2011 21:20</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="even"><a href="...">Download original <img src="images/download.gif"></a></td> <td class="even">0 downloads</td> </tr> </tbody></table> <!-- End Photo Information -->

Published: 2011/3/21 6:32 • Updated: 2011/3/21 6:32
If there are there german language files, where can I find them? - could be used as base for further translations
Published: 2011/3/21 10:30 • Updated: 2011/3/21 10:30

There is a mistake in the table of the Photo Information.

Either there should be a colspan="2" in the second and third row or an additional cell

I think you turn of some options in module for show some info's . we had codes like this in templates :

td class="even"><{$lang.submitter}> : <a href="<{$xoops_url}>/userinfo.php?uid=<{$photo.user.uid}>"><{$photo.user.uname}></a>, <a href="<{$xoops_url}>/modules/extgallery/public-useralbum.php?id=<{$photo.user.uid}>"><{$lang.allPhotoBy}> <{$photo.user.uname}></a></td>
td class="even"><{$lang.view}> : <{$photo.photo_hits}> <{$lang.hits}></td>
td class="even"><{$lang.resolution}> : <{$photo.photo_res_x}> <{$photo.photo_res_y}> <{$lang.pixels}><br /><{$lang.fileSize}> : <{$photo.photo_size}> Kb</td>
td class="even"><{$lang.added}> : <{$photo.photo_date}></td>

if you trun of one of options in each line , it found probldm .

Now it fiex in svn . please doanload last codes : ... xtgallery/trunk/?view=tar
Published: 2011/3/21 13:49 • Updated: 2011/3/21 13:49
The sorting in the album view is not working correctly.

I uploaded 5 pictures, numbered from 1 to 5 in this order (1 first - 5 last).

In the album view the pictures are shown 5 - 4 - 2 - 3 - 1.
When I click on picture 2 it is in the correct order between 1 and 3 in the single view.

When I choose 'oldest pictures first' with the orange arrow, the sequence is correct (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5)

There is no change when I alter from desc to asc in the preferences.
Published: 2011/3/23 3:14 • Updated: 2011/3/23 3:14
Here are some pictures to illustrate the problem:

Resized Image
Shows the album view. Sorting: newest first

Resized Image
The first picture is shown a the 17th when I click on it.

Resized Image
I uploaded 5 pictures (No. 1 first etc.)
The order is not correct.

Resized Image
When I use the little organge arrow and change the sorting to oldest first it's fine.

There is no effect, when I change from ascending to descending in the preferences.
It's always the sorting shown in picture 3.
Published: 2011/3/25 5:37 • Updated: 2011/3/25 5:37
What's the status of the final version of this? Ready for release soon?
Published: 2011/3/29 4:14 • Updated: 2011/3/29 4:14
I got no answer concerning the problem so far
Published: 2011/3/29 4:34 • Updated: 2011/3/29 4:34
I hope I can public this version very soon . the module have some bugs . one part of bugs must be fixed fo this version and other bugs must be fixed for next version .
because some part of module is old and we must change all of them and some parts must be update and some present bugs are for that parts
Published: 2011/4/3 11:37 • Updated: 2011/4/3 11:37

I check it again and check all codes . I do not have any problem whit this . if poshible for you to test last codes ? ... xtgallery/trunk/?view=tar
Published: 2011/4/8 3:25 • Updated: 2011/4/8 3:25