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XCenter 2.15 - Advanced Multilingual Content Module

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/3/7 6:50:00 (4849 reads) | Posted on Modules
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X-Center 2.15
Multilingual Tagged Content Pages

X-Center is a content module for XOOPS 2.4 and later, it uses the latest techniques to hone easy to present content on a standard page. it has an Inheritable block and all the accessories for Tag and other features. It also supports X-Language and multilingual pages with the same ID.

With this powerful module you can easily make content with any xoops site with version 2.4 or later. This is the only and must have for content with XOOPS.

There is no need to upgrade from 2.07 to this version unless you are having language storage issues.

Fixes Include:
  • RSS Feeds
  • Blocks
  • XOOPS 3.0 Compatibility
  • UNICODE Storage (Undone)
  • Templating Issues
  • RSS Bug in category adding.
  • Upgrade not firing producing garbage output.

Some of the features include:
  • Multilingual support of X-Language
  • Support Tag 2.3+
  • Inheritable block
  • SEO Clean URL
  • PDF Support
  • RSS Feeds
  • Optional Secure JSON Forms
  • Optional Sitemap Module Plugin
  • Optional Tag Module Plugin

Download: (6Mbs)

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Hi there,
I've installed the module and version says.. 1.15..
and the module look like the old Content module,
something wrong with the package?

Published: 2011/3/8 4:15 • Updated: 2011/3/8 4:15
Yes Ian there was something wrong with the package, I packaged the wrong module..

File Modify Date: 2011/3/8 20:41:54
MD5 CRC: 8d70eb6cd92aff2576e289e766cdd11c
SHA1 CRC: 782a4a8f1c209a1a522f46858d19331ff949a0c4

Is the correct file. I have repackaged it.
Published: 2011/3/8 4:42 • Updated: 2011/3/8 4:42
Thanx for the change, now the module is ok
Finally inheritable block works to me

Just a question:
which is exactly the difference between category and node? and are you planning to add features about those two elements?
because actually category is a virtual container that shows up only in the title page and guess in url with seo enabled, but there's nothing else pointing to it or a block resuming the cat list or else.. so they sound to me a bit confusing and unuseful in the use
the node is indeed something very useful

In the end just some debug:
- seo isn't working to me in this version.. I've renamed htaccess.dist in the module root taking it form the docs folder because the one in the root was based on module named 'content'.. but the link of the module userside are not changed even if the htacces make them point to rewritten url

- the Subitem Menu block seems kind of buggy because with seo disabled in the block I have the menu title of the page linked to a parent node printed two times and the second is indented.. also this block diasappear when I open a page linked to a node.. so you loose the good functionality of having a block showing only when I'am browsing a specific node

- user side clicking on 'access & change permission' breaks the layout (even if the page is working)

thanks for sharing your work
Published: 2011/3/8 7:25 • Updated: 2011/3/8 7:30
so any idea or suggestion about my two problems?

Published: 2011/3/14 11:52 • Updated: 2011/3/14 11:52
Ianez, no I don't know why .htaccess isn't working on your server, it works fine on mine and there have been no changes to it for many releases. Also I am not sure why your theme is being broken by the access permission which is only setable by a webmaster anyway.

But i am sure you will work it out, sounds server related, like you have not enabled mod-rewrite with apache, but that wat you get when you download something for free - limited support.
Published: 2011/3/14 17:03 • Updated: 2011/3/14 17:04
ok I've found my way for resolving the reported issues plus some little correction which I report:

- in modinfo.php language file line 159 is pointing to an unexsiting xcenter.css file so I've changed from


- in Main Menu the Access & Change Permissions was breaking the theme and pointed to unconsistent link so:
*in manage.php I've commented lines 619, 791, 792 (this solved the broken theme)
*for menu link correction in xoopsversion.php changed line 177 from
$modversion['sub'][$i]['url'] = "manage.php?op="._XTR_URL_OP_PERMISSIONS;

$modversion['sub'][$i]['url'] = "manage.php?op="._XTR_URL_OP_PERMISSIONS."&fct="._XTR_URL_FCT_TEMPLATE.'&mode='._XTR_PERM_MODE_ALL;

- for making the Subitems Menu working properly I've rewritten the xcenter_block_subitems.html template as follow:
<ul id="menu">
item=page from=$block.pages}>    
a href="<{$xoops_url}>/modules/xcenter/index.php?storyid=<{$page.storyid}>" title="<{$page.ptitle}>"><{$page.title}></a>
item=sublink from=$page.sublinks}>    
a href="<{$xoops_url}>/modules/xcenter/index.php?storyid=<{$sublink.storyid}>" title="<{$sublink.ptitle}>"><{$sublink.title}></a>


The last thing I was not able to solve is url rewriting... the htaccess redirect properly but the url of module's links still remain the same with seo activated.. so for example in Main menu the url for a page is still www.mysite/modules/xcenter/index.php?storyid=1 and not mypagetitle/1,0.html
... so can you provide any suggestion about this? otherwise SEO will be confusing for users and bots..

Published: 2011/3/17 14:47 • Updated: 2011/3/17 14:47