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XThemes and module updates from Red México

Posted by bitcero on 2011/3/7 15:10:00 (4109 reads) | Posted on Modules
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We are pleased to announce the availability of XThemes. The module has been released and is ready for download from our website.

XThemes is a manager for XOOPS themes and a set of tools that allows the creation of themes more rich in functionality and better integrated with XOOPS and modules.

Due to the inherent characteristics of XOOPS and Smarty, XThemes allows new themes for greater interactivity and makes it possible to get more professional and modern appearance.

You can visit the microsite XThemes by clicking here.

Other XOOPS Modules

Also other modules have been updated from Red Mexico:

Common Utilities
Professional Works

And a very simple new module has been added to the family: ContactMe!

Still plans to release new modules and enhancements to existing ones.

XThemes Microsite
QuickPages Microsite
ContactMe! Microsite
Common Utilities
Professional Works

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Thanks :)
Published: 2011/3/7 15:10 • Updated: 2011/3/7 15:10
Eduardo, awesome news!

We've been waiting for this for a long time!
Published: 2011/3/7 15:10 • Updated: 2011/3/7 15:10
Common Utilities upload, ok,
upload module works, ok,

when I go to install the module gives me this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\modules\works\language\english\modinfo.php on line 11

The same goes for the module QuickPages...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\modules\qpages\language\english\modinfo.php on line 12

xoops 2.5.0
PhP 5.0

follow the documentation and everything perfect, sorry for posting something wrong.

Published: 2011/3/7 17:40 • Updated: 2011/3/8 18:38
You must not upload any module until rmcommon has been installed.

Refer to included docs. The right process is:

Upload and install rmcommon
Upload and activate "redmexico" them
Upload other modules.
Published: 2011/3/7 22:00 • Updated: 2011/3/7 22:00
Gracias BitC3RO por tu explicacion, me paso eso por ansioso jejejejeje...pense que era como antes, como cuando usabamos el modulo minishop, que solo habia que subir rmcommon al directorio raiz y luego instalar el modulo normalmente...

Acabo de leer la documentacion que viene con el archivo, voy a probar y cualquier cosa abro un hilo en el foro.

Gracias por viene un modulo mejorado de MiniShop ??

Published: 2011/3/8 0:41 • Updated: 2011/3/8 0:41
thank you for update module
Published: 2011/3/8 0:42 • Updated: 2011/3/8 0:42
Bravo Eduardo!!!
Excellent site. Qualitative modules. Fresh ideas which are applied also in IXTFramework Module by IXThemes

XOOPS 2.5 + RMCommon Utilities it is fine alternative XE3
Published: 2011/3/8 3:12 • Updated: 2011/3/8 3:12

With xoops 2.5, not working properly - blank page in admin, you do not work with any module, deleting this, everything comes back normal
I had to add all the final closing php

I propose to open a thread for this testing

Published: 2011/3/8 7:22 • Updated: 2011/3/8 7:22
With xoops 2.5, not working properly...

Strict sequence of actions for achievement of the best result:

1. Take XOOPS 2.5.0 here
2. Take RMCommon Utilities here
3. Attentively read readme from RMCommon Utilities 2.0.99 pack (rmcommon-2.0.99/docs/readme.html)
4. Operate as all is written also it will turn out PERFECTLY

I just it have made all and have received excellent result. By the way new modules are 100% compatible with IXTFramework 1.0.6. You can get here

Many thanks Eduardo once again!!!
Published: 2011/3/8 9:11 • Updated: 2011/3/8 9:11
Great, thank you for sharing, Eduardo.
Published: 2011/3/9 15:57 • Updated: 2011/3/9 15:57
En algun lado esta la traduccion al español de los modulos ?

gracias !
Published: 2011/3/9 23:04 • Updated: 2011/3/9 23:04