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Maitsco Corporate Theme

Posted by mariane on 2010/5/22 12:50:00 (4857 reads) | Posted on Themes
hello Xoopsers,
based on the default theme in the 2.4.5 rc, I built my new theme "maitscocorporate". in this theme I used:
- CS3 to make curvy corners and shadows
- curvy jquery ( to make the tables curvy
(essentiel for IE because CS3 isn't validated by IE yet)
- S3Slider jquery effect , I took it from this link(
- Quick edit/delete/ad for the block
- Avatar picture shown in the usermennu
- Links in Horizontal menu are highlighted accordingly to the module that you are browsing
- Few changes to the news module templates and for the system templates (search, siteclosed, redirect page)
- Footer divided on 4 parts easily editable from theme.html

due the incompatibility of IE with cs3,there is a few difference between the theme in IE and others browsers.

Resized Image

I hope you will like it.

The theme is available also in arabic (rtl) and available for download in

a big thanks for : Mowaffak (arabxoops), Kris (Kris_fr); Nikita(from frxoops) and Tatane(from frxoops) for their
precious helps, advices and test.

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As always, a great theme!

Thank you so much for sharing!
Published: 2010/5/22 12:59 • Updated: 2010/5/22 12:59
Good job Mariane
Published: 2010/5/22 13:58 • Updated: 2010/5/22 13:58
Great !!! Miss
Thanks for sharing
Published: 2010/5/22 14:26 • Updated: 2010/5/22 14:26
Great job mariane
Published: 2010/5/22 15:34 • Updated: 2010/5/22 15:34
Thanks for sharing
Published: 2010/5/22 16:54 • Updated: 2010/5/22 16:54
Published: 2010/5/22 17:05 • Updated: 2010/5/22 17:05
Very smart!
Published: 2010/5/22 18:49 • Updated: 2010/5/22 18:49
More than nice :) Great job!
Published: 2010/5/22 19:45 • Updated: 2010/5/22 19:45
Nice work, thanks.
Published: 2010/5/23 1:08 • Updated: 2010/5/23 1:08
Nice Theme, Thank you Mariane.
Published: 2010/5/23 3:15 • Updated: 2010/5/23 3:15
Thanks very nice
Published: 2010/5/23 12:07 • Updated: 2010/5/23 12:07
a nice contribution, please add more professional themes like this !
Published: 2010/5/23 14:33 • Updated: 2010/5/23 14:33
Very Nice, I like the Theme.
Published: 2010/5/23 15:35 • Updated: 2010/5/23 15:35
Nice theme... :)
Published: 2010/5/23 17:39 • Updated: 2010/5/23 17:39
Very nice, thanks for sharing !
Published: 2010/5/23 18:57 • Updated: 2010/5/23 18:57
Thank mariane.

In IE 8, in your demo it have a warning message
Resized Image

Published: 2010/5/26 15:11 • Updated: 2010/5/26 15:11
I like it. Great job!
Published: 2010/5/26 22:57 • Updated: 2010/5/26 22:57
@ all, many thanks.
@ oswaldo : because IE can't show the rounded corners, I used a jquery file and a css3 code, once you test it without setting the right block for example, you will get this error only in IE, to resolve it you can:
- use the right block
or (in case ou dont need to use it)
go to style.css and remove the code , from the right block title, line 263 :
border-radius:             5px;
moz-border-radius:     5px;
webkit-border-radius:     5px;
box-shadow:             0 20px 10px -10px rgba(255,255,255,0.3inset;
moz-box-shadow:     0 20px 10px -10px rgba(255,255,255,0.3inset;
webkit-box-shadow0 20px 10px -10px rgba(255,255,255,0.3inset;}

also you can leave it and add this line :

in this case when you use IE, there is a shadow under the block instead the rounded corner (as shown in the block center).

I am sorry for this, but I couldnt make the theme conforming 100% with all browsers.
I hope with the time I can do it.
Published: 2010/5/27 3:49 • Updated: 2010/5/27 3:49
I did small corrections to the maitsco corporate theme :
- to solve the problem caused by curves in IE : I added :
<script type="text/javascript">  
var curvyCornersVerbose = false;  

to solve the problem of any conflit between jqueries codes, I called the jquery code necessary for this theme from the js librairy in xoops.
<script type="text/javascript" src="<{$xoops_url}>/browse.php?Frameworks/jquery/jquery.js"</script>

so now you can update your theme.html by adding these codes,or download again the theme corrected fron the same link.

a big thanks for Mowaffak who helped me to fix these errors, and thanks for everyone supportded me and tried the theme. and I am sorry about any mistake or bug caused to you by this theme.

Published: 2010/7/22 7:24 • Updated: 2010/7/22 7:25
Broken Link =/
Published: 2013/1/12 20:28 • Updated: 2013/1/12 20:28