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3 Modules for Public Release

Posted by dyoo78 on 2004/5/6 16:49:04 (5879 reads) | Posted on Modules
Hello Fellow Xoopsers,

The CalFacts Student Portal Working Group is proud to announce 3 modules (1 theme) for public release. Each module was made specific to our needs and there may be some bugs, but all in all, they look promising. Here's the list of the modules and links to download:

Tab Mod
The Tab Mod was created to be used in conjunction with the ucberkeley_liquid theme. It allows webmasters to easily deploy a site based on tabs and sub-tabs (like Webmasters can hide the Main Menu block in entirety.
* Download the Tab Mod.

Text Message Sender
TM Sender is a module that allows users to send text messages to other users' cell phones. This is a simple module, but can be powerful in conjunction with other modules. It currently supports Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. Nextel, Verizon and Cingular are on our to do list (verizon is reorganizing their text message function, so adding verizon may take some time).
* Download the Text Message Sender.

Course Review
The Course Review Module is a module that allows users to rank and review courses and professors in a university/college setting. It can be replicated to be a cell phone review module, education abroad review module, or other review modules that have 2-tier categorization (i.e. cell phone and cell phone carriers, courses and professors, country and university within a country).
* Download the Course Review.

All these modules are brought to you by the generous funding and volunteer work of the Students of the University of California, Berkeley and the CalFacts Student Portal Working Group.



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Thanks for your good work! Where can we see an example of these modules and this theme. I also would like to know where we can get this theme.
Published: 2004/5/7 6:37 • Updated: 2004/5/7 6:37
Falke, An example site would be Berkeley's Site
The Download for the Tabs is here in which you will find the theme.

OK now for my question....... Can we have a little bit of documentation with this tabs module as it dosen't give you a clear example of how to link the TAB's to modules in the TAB's admin, apart from that I think this is an excelent module & theme.
Published: 2004/5/7 8:44 • Updated: 2004/5/7 8:44
I installed the module and the theme, but still it will not show the tabs... Can someone help me?
Published: 2004/5/7 11:15 • Updated: 2004/5/7 11:15
Our server is behind a firewall and it's been acting up again. Will give you documentation and more info on how to make and create tabs.
Published: 2004/5/7 15:52 • Updated: 2004/5/7 15:52
Any advice on using it would be apprciated :)
Published: 2004/5/7 17:07 • Updated: 2004/5/7 17:07
The quick and dirty way to use it is to visit: our test server. Login username/pass: demo/demo

Then, go to administration and see the tabs we've created.

I'm writing documentation now...
Published: 2004/5/7 17:13 • Updated: 2004/5/7 17:13
Thanks - that is much clearer now :)

Its the conditions which are not very clear as to which ones can be used... I have managed to at least get tabs appearing now which is a good start! :)
Published: 2004/5/7 17:21 • Updated: 2004/5/7 17:21
Documentation is ready for peek:
Published: 2004/5/7 17:27 • Updated: 2004/5/7 17:31
I also would like to know where we can get this theme.

The theme is located within the Tab Mod zip file. Just look for a folder called ucberkeley_liquid.
Published: 2004/5/7 17:39 • Updated: 2004/5/7 17:39
isn't that the place where william hung studied?
Published: 2004/5/7 21:53 • Updated: 2004/5/7 21:53
isn't that the place where william hung studied?

William Hung... Most of us don't think highly of him. Although he is a good laugh.
William Hung Video Clip
Published: 2004/5/7 22:08 • Updated: 2004/5/7 22:08

William Hung... Most of us don't think highly of him. Although he is a good laugh.
William Hung Video Clip

William Hung is my hero!

nuff said...
Published: 2004/5/7 22:52 • Updated: 2004/5/7 22:52
Any tips on installing "tabs" into a theme?
Published: 2004/5/9 9:49 • Updated: 2004/5/9 9:49
Do the tabs only work with the ucberkeley_liquid theme?
Published: 2004/5/9 9:59 • Updated: 2004/5/9 9:59
You need to insert part of the script from the berkley theme - but not sure what part...
Published: 2004/5/9 10:03 • Updated: 2004/5/9 10:03
Personaly I thing the CSS file could do with commenting out the lowercase for the submenu. as headings like F.A.Q look silly in lowercase.

#navigation ul a 
/*    text-transform: lowercase;   */
padding0 10px 0 10px;

Apart from that, the Modules Sweet As A Nut.
I have it set as default theme now for my site

My only wish is for the Main tabs to be spread out evenly across the width of the page, instead of bunched up to the left. But I'm sure some kind sole on here will help me out with that one **HINT** **HINT**
Published: 2004/5/12 4:09 • Updated: 2004/5/12 10:44
There seams to be a problem with the center block in some modules such as news and forums when right blocks is used, i.e it pushes the centre block down to the bottom of the page, this only happens in 800x600 view to my knowlage. I think it has something to do with the style sheet, but that isn't my strong point. Hope it gets fixed soon.
Published: 2004/6/1 9:45 • Updated: 2004/6/1 9:45
Any updates on the Text messaging module? When will you add Cingular to the list.

Thanks, nice mod. tested it and works aok.
Published: 2004/6/16 1:55 • Updated: 2004/6/16 1:55
I'm working on the website project and I've made some updates to the text messaging module, including adding cingular. I'll publish them when they are prettier. =)

If people are actively interested, I'll try to get it out sooner.
Published: 2004/8/10 20:17 • Updated: 2004/8/10 20:18
thanks Devin,

We'll be waiting for it.
Published: 2004/8/10 21:36 • Updated: 2004/8/10 21:36
The requested URL /dl/tab_mod/tabmod/1.0/ was not found on this server.

Can someone upload again this mod or send to stav(at)ecomm(dot)gr please.
Published: 2005/10/16 0:15 • Updated: 2005/10/16 0:15