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Sourceforge.net Blog (podcast): Michael Beck Talks About Xoops #1
Rich: On today’s Sourceforge podcast, I’m speaking with Michael Beck, from the XOOPS project. XOOPS is a php content management system. You can use it to create and manage your website. It has a sophisticated admin interface, and it is over a decade old. This is a solid and mature project. Michael has been with the project for quite some time, and he’s going to talk with me about the project, the community, and how you can get involved.

Thanks for listening.

Click To Read/Listen More : http://sourceforge.net/blog/podcast-xoops/
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Re: Sourceforge.net Blog (podcast): Michael Beck Talks About Xoops #2
Oh, you saw it already?

SourceForge is very helpful!

I met three current and former employees of SoureForge last week at our local PHP User Group Meeting, and we had a very good conversation about XOOPS.

They believe in XOOPS and want to help.

Therefore XOOPS is featured project on SourceForge, and now we have this small Podcast about XOOPS!

This should help us to get more exposure and get more people to try XOOPS!

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