Can I charge money for XOOPS, or for XOOPS modules?

Requested and Answered by Jegelstaff on 2005/2/14 1:32:03

Can I charge money for XOOPS, or for XOOPS modules?

Depending on what you mean by that question, the answer is yes and no.

If you mean, can you build a commercial software business like Microsoft around the XOOPS system and/or modules, the answer is certainly 'No'. That's because XOOPS and its modules are licensed under the GPL ( Basically, this means that anyone who has a copy of the software is allowed to redistribute it to anyone else. In the world of closed source software, like Windows and Microsoft Office, this is called software piracy. In the world of open source, it's completely legal.

So you're not going to make money off XOOPS if you try to build a regular software business around it.

But if someone wants you to build a module for them, you can certainly charge them a fee for that service. If you want to 'resell' XOOPS and provide extra value added services, like configuration and/or administration and/or support, then you can charge for those other services.

The GPL simply prevents you from restricting the freedom of anyone else to use the software however they see fit, modify the software if they wish, and redistribute the software if they so choose.

It's also important to keep in mind that for-profit companies around the world, including IBM, contribute to open source projects every day. That means there are paid developers out there, making professional grade salaries, writing open source code. There are also companies like Red Hat that specialize in providing open source solutions to businesses. It's certainly possible to make a living in open source.

IBM and others choose to participate in open source projects for the same reasons as everyone else: many hands make light work, and they don't have to reinvent the wheel. If the project is well run and successful, then it's a very cost effective way to develop software since the workload is distributed, and you can freely reuse robust code from elsewhere.

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