Classic Old Time Radio @!
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Published by gestroud on 24-Aug-2006 22:36
Classic Old Time Radio @!

Featuring the best of old time radio, our Listening Room currently has over 1568 top episodes from over 174 horror, mystery, suspense, sci-fi series - about 9 GB, with terabytes more to add (thank God for!).

Separate registration is required for the Listening Room. You can register free or use this id and password

username: xoopsguest
password: xoopsguest

You'll find an additional 1889 episodes in our Podcast Directory.


Black Tie thanks to msdana @

Main Modules

The Listening Room This section utilizes a non-XOOPS script with a pagewrap by the tinycontent module.

Podcast Directory RSS Center (a.k.a rssc .3) from Happy Linux

Chat Room Wizanda's Tidy version of Shoutbox using Peak XOOPS' tinyd module to hold the shoutbox block

Downloads Pemen's recent xplorer module. You'll need to use the conventional XOOPS site registration to access this section (gotta protect my bandwidth ). Registration is free.

Links Web Links, another great module from Happy Linux.

OTR Shop Another non-XOOPS script using the Content module to wrap it into XOOPS

Photo Gallery A small, but growing, archive using the MyAlbum module.

And especially for davidl2 who mentioned it in a previous post, Orson Welles & The Mercury Theater's The War of The Worlds