XOOPS2 RC1 Released!

Date 2003/2/4 18:56:04 | Topic: XOOPS

The wait is finally over and XOOPS2 RC1 is ready to take a beating. RC1 represents the first step towards the official release of XOOPS2. This release has undergone more refinements with the install and we've added some core enhancements that you, the XOOPS users suggested (see, we do listen!).

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of our new Wiki based documentation site at http://wiki.xoops.org/. We're still shy on some doc but, we'll be adding as time permits. PLEASE, PLEASE read the enclosed install doc (INSTALL.html) and the new installation or upgrade section of the Wiki as well. There is important information about the upgrade process at the Wiki that will help you with the install process.

Also, PLEASE don't consider this final for use on a production site. With XOOPS going into the RC stage, it won't be long before the final is release is ready and hopefully most of the critical bugs will be squished.

Please read INSTALL.txt for details on installation and read the Install and Upgrade sections of the Wiki (wiki.xoops.org).

The installer will automatically detect your 1.3.x and upgrade to 2.0, however we strongly recommend you to first backup all your files and DB data before actually doing the upgrade. Please check the Wiki for more information.

As we have made an annoucement earlier, all language files (other than English) will not be included in the core anymore, but as external packages. We still have not received all language files from the translators and some of them are not available for download yet. Please visit the official support sites for updates.

For new features that have been added from 1.3.x, please refer to
the articles listed below:

XOOPS 2 RC1 (zip)
XOOPS 2 RC1 (tar.gz)

Language Files

- English (for the translators)
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese (90%)
- Dutch - Nederlands
- Portuguese - Portugal
- Romanian
- Russian
- Spanish
- Tchinese

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