Slider module ver 0.1

Date 2010/6/14 16:50:00 | Topic: Modules

Hi all i just finished a simple slider module for xoops i'd like to share.

This module allows you to create as many sliders as you want, with as many slides as you want in them.

Each slide can have a picture which will be resized if GD library is available, a title and a description.

You can skip the description or the image if you like. Only the title is mandatory.

//from readme.txt

Slider Version 0.1

1. Install as any other module, upload the folder slider into /modules/
2. Go to xoops admin > modules and hit install.
3. make the folder /modules/slider/uploads writable - chmod 777

Use of the module
In the admin area you can create as many sliders as you like and add to them as many slides/pages as you'd like, with or without an image.

ONE of the MUST be active in order for the slider to work.

Make the block visible and thats it.

You can give it a try.

Download it from here

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