Voting Open for next XOOPS Theme

Date 2009/7/7 9:10:00 | Topic: XOOPS

First, thanks to Insraq, AxelF, and BitC3R0, who submitted designs for the next Theme for our XOOPS Website (you can read the discussion here). They are all fantastic and looking very professional!!! They truly show what's possible with XOOPS!
 Insraq AxelF BitC3R0
It's time to vote on the proposals - please go to our Theme Poll to cast your vote! The poll expires on Sunday, July 12th, at 10 PM EST. The winner will become the "default" theme for XOOPS. The other two, if the authors provide them finished, will be added to "Theme Selection" so the XOOPS Website users will be able to select any of them as their default. In the meantime, please continue to provide feedback in this thread

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