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Date 2006/12/17 19:54:40 | Topic: YAXS

Hello fellow XOOPS-ers,

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I've recreated a theme for my LenoirMind :: art & (web) design portal and I've also modified the excellent Smartsection module into a -well- smartersection module. It now uses the metakeywords as a means to do flexible crosslinking between items within smartsection, but it also spans to other modules (debaser for instance for audio and video)

The portal focusses on artistic expressions as well as technological and scientific perspectives on these. I use the portal and additional applications I build for my artistic research that I undertake with different organisations. In this collaboration network LenoirMind.nl acts as a node for artistic information.

Lots of content is available only in dutch, but I've managed to keep the front page mostly english.

The site can be visited on LenoirMind :: art & (web) design

Feedback is welcome

Thanx for this excellent CMS system! And it's supporting OO framework XOOPS will be the CMS I'll be pushing as the main system acting as an 'information node'.


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