PD-Downlodas 1.2 is here.

Date 2005/12/21 20:20:00 | Topic: Modules

I'am very proud to release the new vesion of PD-Downloads short before christmas.

In this release we did many bugfixes, added new features and updates many things.

general infos
PD-Downloads is a filemanagement modul for Xoops. For using this modul you need Xoops 2.0.1x or Xoops 2.2.x.

infos about features
This new Version has many new features. For example you can now easily clone this module. There is only one thing you should consider, the "Upgrade and Import Tool" only works without problems when you name your clones "PDdownloads1" (or any other number).

Your users also have a new link "my downloads", with this link the user will get a list with all his downloads. The module can now also create RSS Feeds.

For using this module you have to use the following Xoops Versions:
* 2.0.10 or newer
* 2.2.0 or newer

The module is compatible with PHP 4 and PHP 5 enviroments.

DOWNLOAD the module HERE

[added] Gijoe's DUPLICATABLE V2
[added] Xoops Token System
[added] Statistic (admin-side)
[added] Upgrade and Import Tool (admin-side)
[added] you can now reset the download counter (admin-side)
[added] option to auto-approve downloads to every group (incl anonymous) or not (admin-side)
[added] you can now choose if you want to show the newest downloads on the module-start page (user-side)
[added] rss-feeds and a option to enable or disable this feature (user and admin-side)
[added] when submitting a download you will now see the allowed upload-file-size (user and admin-side)
[added] function for checking the upload-folders, for making them and setting the permission for them (admin-side)
[added] permission query for brokenfile.php, ratefile.php, submit.php and visit.php (user-side)
[added] select and uploading screenshots when submitting a download (user-side)
[added] my downloads - every user can now list all the downloads he/she has submitted (user-side)
[changed] Some Icons have been changed
[changed] look of side navigation - now using renderImageNav instead of renderNav (user and admin-side)
[changed] look of the administration menu (admin-side)
[changed] Byte to KB in the field "file-size" when submitting a new download (user and admin-side)
[changed] upload-folder, the new standard upload-folder (except pictures) is xoops-url/uploads/modulename
[changed] many minor changes

[updated] gijoe's myblocksadmin to version 0.41
[updated] waiting content plugin -> based on the plugin done by flying.tux
[updated] sitemap plugin with permission query
[updated] many minor things

[optimized] reduced sql queries on all pages (user-side) -> thx to frankblack for some tipps and tricks
[optimized] "show the newest downloads on module-start page" feature (user-side)
[optimized] the "post a news from a download up to 3 news-module" feature (admin-side)

[fixed] problems with notifications (user-side)
[fixed] a problem with the uploader - it was possible to upload files which where not allowed by mimetypes settings, you got a error message but the file was saved on the webspace (user and admin-side)
[fixed] ordering downloads by alphabet (user-side)
[fixed] problems with xoops 2.2 (user and admin-side) -> thx to sunny93 for the cooperation
[fixed] some little bugs with listening downloads (user-side)
[fixed] php 5.0 problems (user-side)
[fixed] a small bug with display the right language-variable for downloads (if a download is updated or new)
[fixed] max upload-file-size displayed a wrong value and its not possible anymore to allow a bigger upload-filesize than your
php-settings are allow you to upload (admin-side)
[fixed] some bugs regarding the management of votes (admin-side)
[fixed] when deleting a download/category not all things was deleted for example permissions for that download/category - now everything will be deleted correctly (admin-side)

DOWNLOAD the module HERE

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