Pictureurl 1.2 - showing picture where you want

Date 2005/7/12 20:48:11 | Topic: Modules

A small month since the first release of this module.
what's new in this release ?
It's no more necessary to hack the header.php
Other changes to improve the path.
You can now define an image for a relative url. You can define an image for a module but also for a special url.

ex : http://www.mysite.org/module/news/*
ex : http://www.mysite.org/module/news/index.php&op=post

you can do exactly what you want.

The doc is available in the admin area of the module.



download link :
http://dev.xoops.org/modules/xfmod/pr ... 44&release_id=671&dl=1456*/

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