Sotra Sjakklubb - Norwegian Chess Club

Date 2005/6/12 8:21:03 | Topic: YAXS

Sotra Sjakklubb's website started using XOOPS last November, and uses the Blue_lagoon theme. Our experience with XOOPS is very positive, it suits all our needs and has proven to be very stable.

The site is in Norwegian only, sorry...
We are using the following modules:
- News
- Newbb
- Sections
- XoopsFAQ
- XoopsPoll
- MyAlbum
- MyDownloads
- MyLinks
- TinyContent
- Chess
- Backup
- Liaisse
- piCal
- xf Guestbook

I would like to hear what you think of it, and would appreciate any suggestions that would improve the site.


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