CBB 1.14 patch

Date 2005/6/4 13:20:00 | Topic: Modules

Changelog 1.14
1 bugfix for inactive user posting (Reported by Aries @ xoops.org.cn)
2 bugfix for deleting topic with poll (Reported by gropius @ xoops.org.cn)
3 change default value for displaying forum topic time duration (Reported by Zjerre @ xoops.org)
4 change formselectuser.php for XOOPS 2.2

CBB 1.14 patch: 1.13 -> 1.14
CBB 1.13 full package

From now on, there will be two series:
CBB 1.*, further bugfix versions for XOOPS 2.0*
CBB 2.*, further development versions for XOOPS 2.2+

If you have any bug report or feature requst, contact davidl2, or check this thread (temporary):

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