AMS 2.41 is publically released

Date 2005/3/21 2:00:00 | Topic: Modules

After the initial donator only release of AMS 2.4 last month, AMS 2.41 has now been released to the public and can be downloaded from the downloads section at IT Headquarters and is also available from the module repository here.
This is the second public release of AMS, coming just three months after the initial release in December last year and adds several new features, enhancements to existing ones, and several fixes to problems users had reported with the 2.2 release.

I would like to extend a big thank you to OBS and for helping out with their financial contributions, which if I had not received would have meant work on AMS 2.4 would not have started until at least mid year. I would again like to thank Mithrandir for his professionalism, and for taking on and coding this project, especially as he took it on just before Christmas. I am very happy with the way AMS has developed, and see it as being a situation where everybody wins. Those contributing financially recieve a module on a regular and timely basis, Mith gets some financial compensation for his work, and the Xoops community at large is offered a quality module if they wish to use it.
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See AMS 2.41 demo here

Download AMS 2.41 from here
Feature requests for AMS 2.6 can be seen here

Be sure to register at IT Headquarters and post your feature requests for AMS 2.6 in the AMS support forums, or simply submit your ideas via the Website Feedback form. From here these requests will be reviewed, and if found suitable for further investigation will be added to the list in the link above.

Please read on for detailed information on new features & enhancements and fixes.


- Koivi WYSIWYG editor intergration. Your choice of using the default Xoops editor or Koivi editor selectable via AMS preferences. When using koivi editor also has a separate area for the article description as well as the main area for putting your article, so there is no need for use of the [extend] tag anymore.
NOTE: You MUST install Koivi editor seperately before this feature can be used. you can download Koivi from here

- Advanced Spotlight management. Choose your AMS spotlight block layout from three different template layouts, and add unlimited spotlight blocks with the option to display article mini stats including total articles, total article reads and total article comments. The all new spotlight block administration area allows you to configure exactly how and where to display your AMS spotlight item. From here you can add new spotlight items, selecting the latest article, the latest article in a topic, a specific article, or use the custom setting to display an image or banner using straight HTML code. You can also set things such as what image to display, wether to use an auto or manual teaser, how many characters the auto teaser should display, what text a manual teaser should contain, wether to display the spotlight item in the spotlight block or not, and item weighting where the lowest weighted item is treated as the main spotlight item.

- Complete migration and upgrade script. This script enables you to migrate all content, permissions and comments from all presently released version of the News module. It also enables you to upgrade from AMS 2.2.

- View by topic revamped. The view by topic view has undergone a huge overhaul and now presents itself with much more emphasis on navigation via topic and sub-topic.-

- New breadcrumb navigation system viewable in the topic and article views for easier browsing.

- Topics Manger. Topics manager now has a topic weighting system so you can set the listing order when using the view by topic mode.

- Article image selection. You can now select to display the user avatar in addition to the topic or no image when viewing an article.


- Webmasters are no longer able to submit articles unless they have the submit permission to that topic. This will get rid of these errors when a non existant topic ID is entered against the article and the article is orphaned.

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in path\to\xoops\modules\AMS\class\class.newsstory.php on line 740
Notice [PHP]: Undefined index: 0 in file path\to\xoops\modules\AMS\class\class.newsstory.php line 82

Details here

- The default audience level is no longer able to be deleted. This will avoid orphaned articles in the event that users with the submit permission, but not the approve permission submit articles where the default audience ID is set to one, and the user is unable to select which audience level to use.

- Navigate thru topics block. The navigate through topics block has been enhanced so that AMS level permissions are able to (if selected to do so) dictate what menu items are actually displayed no matter where you view the block from on your site. Formerly the restrict topics to viewable by user option did not restrict the menu items listed when view content outside of the AMS module.

- Setting blocks to be visable on all pages results in a bank page where $xoopsModule is not being set on the top page, if the top page module is set to "none" .

Details here

- class.newsstory.php' included twice in submit.php.

Details here

- Fatal PHP error when changing block order.

Details here

- Moderate News block shows no news items waiting for approval.
Details here

- Notification message for new article awaiting approval contains the wrong link. It is linked to index.php instead of submit.php.

Details here

- Multipage articles do not show correctly when viewing non active versions. When trying to view anything other the the first page of a non active version of a multipage article you are given a "Sorry, selected article does not exist" message. The article is still fully intact, as if you set it as the active version you are then able to read the rest of the article without any issues.

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