Modules: AMS 2.41 is publically released

Posted by: brashon 2005/3/21 2:00:00 11367 reads After the initial donator only release of AMS 2.4 last month, AMS 2.41 has now been released to the public and can be downloaded from the downloads section at IT Headquarters and is also available from the module repository here.
This is the second public release of AMS, coming just three months after the initial release in December last year and adds several new features, enhancements to existing ones, and several fixes to problems users had reported with the 2.2 release.

I would like to extend a big thank you to OBS and for helping out with their financial contributions, which if I had not received would have meant work on AMS 2.4 would not have started until at least mid year. I would again like to thank Mithrandir for his professionalism, and for taking on and coding this project, especially as he took it on just before Christmas. I am very happy with the way AMS has developed, and see it as being a situation where everybody wins. Those contributing financially recieve a module on a regular and timely basis, Mith gets some financial compensation for his work, and the Xoops community at large is offered a quality module if they wish to use it.

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See AMS 2.41 demo here

Download AMS 2.41 from here
Feature requests for AMS 2.6 can be seen here

Be sure to register at IT Headquarters and post your feature requests for AMS 2.6 in the AMS support forums, or simply submit your ideas via the Website Feedback form. From here these requests will be reviewed, and if found suitable for further investigation will be added to the list in the link above.

Please read on for detailed information on new features & enhancements and fixes.