Avatar Tutorial Using flash (for entry level users)

Date 2004/10/25 15:20:00 | Topic: XOOPS

I've noticed from several posts on the forum that people want to know how to add multiple avatars to their websites without manually inputting from the Xoops admin page. Mikhail has created a download of 342 avatars and an sql database file to accompish this, but using phpMyadmin can be quite daunting for newbie users. Developers, do you remember the first time you visited phpMyadmin and said "oh! sh*t this looks complex" and made a fast exit? Maybe not, but inexperienced users are rightly concerned about using database interventions without knowing what they are doing and find the php manual over complex for basic tasks.

Ive made a tutorial using flash that explains for complete beginners a click-by-click account of how to manage the database query using Mikhail's download file and phpMyadmin.

Here's what you need to do the job; the avatars download file 342 Avatars file Decompress the file and open the folders so that you know what's in there.

Access to phpMyadmin, either from your host or by using the Xoops module here phpMyadmin module The module will need to be installed first, but will be very useful in the future for users without cPanel.

The tutorial file is here Avatar Tutorial It requires flash to be installed and running on your browser. This is usually available by default on MSIE, but some versions of Mozilla require a plugin installation. I can make a PDF version available, but it's not as good as flash.

If you are really unsure about 'messing with the database' why not install XSAS and experiment with a xoops site on your local machine without fear of damaging your online creation?

This is my first flash presentation and it's a bit rough in places. It's not an official release either, just an offereing to see if it may be useful to users. If you give the 'thumbs up' I can produce more like this and some subject ideas from you would be helpful.


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