Wordbook has arrived!

Date 2004/4/9 19:01:45 | Topic: Modules

Fellow xoopsers:

This is to announce you Wordbook. As you can surely guess from the name, Wordbook is a glossary module for your XOOPS site. It offers you the possibility of defining a single-category or a multiple-category glossary. It's Smarty templated. Has its own search function (and is XOOPS searchable too). I hope some of you can find in your sites a place for this little module. Pick your favorite flavor, install it and share with us your bug reports, ideas for improvement or comments.

Wordbook v. 0.99 -- RAR version [1,252 kb]

Wordbook v. 0.99 -- ZIP version [1,259 kb]

As you can see, this is a version 0.99 release. With your help, it'll be easy to spot and kill the remaining bugs, and then to release a bug-free version 1.0.


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