Why can't I see my question?

Requested and Answered by Jensclas on 2004/12/6 20:30:45

Why can't I see my question?

It's quite possible there have been so many questions since you last looked that your question is on page 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 of the posts. The easy way to locate your question is to go to your account and your question will be linked there. If no-one has answered it, create your own reply with this
This is a freindly and accepted way of putting your question back at the top of the list.

No point in getting rude as to why it hasn't been answered - you are dealing with volunteers. It's possible the one person well equipped to answer you hasn't crusied into the forum in the last few days. be kind.

The other thing you could ask yourself is did you ask the question in the right section of the forum?

Perhaps you need to ask the question elsewhere.

Hope this helps some!

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