What is the difference between 'official' and 'third party' modules?

Requested and Answered by Carnuke on 2004/11/5 14:46:12

What is the difference between 'official' and 'third party' modules?

OFFICIAL modules are modules that have been developed and released by the Xoops module development team.

THIRD PARTY modules have been developed and released by any other person or parties other than xoops module team developers.

Currently the distinction may seem a bit loose, because the process of recognising Xoops module developers has not been fully formulated.

As a basic guide, if a module is included in the main Xoops download distribution package, then, it's an official module.

However, this may also change in the future to a distribution that contains no modules, only the system module. If this was the case, a separate list of official modules would also be available as a supplementary download.

When future releases of Xoops become available, we may see changes in the way modules are released. There may also be procedures in standardising the quality of a module and a submission process for ratifying the code as suitable for making it 'official'

Remember that none of this software carries any form of guarantee of quality or suitability for use. Any module you install is entirely at your own risk.

Always make sure that any module is suitable for your Xoops version, if in doubt ...ASK

Always make a database back-up before installing any new module.

Ideally run a test site in parralel to your production site. Use this to test new modules, themes and hacks.

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