What is a web server?

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What is a web server?

A Web server is a program that uses the client/server model and the World Wide Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It serves the files that form Web pages to Web users (whose computers contain HTTP clients such as a browser, that forward their requests). Every computer on the Internet that contains a Web site must have a Web server program. Two leading Web servers are Apache, the most widely-installed Web server, and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). Other Web servers include Novell's Web Server for users of its NetWare operating system and IBM's family of Lotus Domino servers, primarily for IBM's OS/390 and AS/400 customers.

A web server can be rented to users, so that they can put their own websites and files on them. This is usually known as a "hosted platform" because someone else hosts your files on their web server.

Web servers can also be run locally, that is on your own computer such as XSAS. Using this kind of server is normally restricted for personal use that allows you to experiment and develop web applications in a private environment.

Public Web servers often come as part of a larger package of Internet- and intranet-related programs for serving e-mail, downloading requests for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) files, and building and publishing Web pages.

Considerations in choosing a Web server include how well it works with the operating system and other servers, its ability to handle server-side programming, security characteristics, and publishing, search engine, and site building tools that may come with it.

Xoops installations currently require a server that can run php scripts and SQL databases. See details about Xoops requirements here.

You can find reviewed hosting packages in the Xoops hosting forum.

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