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Version 3.2 Codeenali
CAUTION!!! Database table has been changed.
If you update from 2.1, run /modules/popnupblog/admin/sqlupdate.php at once.

Denali V3 Highlight
Supported mailing list. It can set a ML posting address as each blog. And it does not need adding a mail subject prefix as ML posting.
Bugfixed, trackback and RSS feed.

2.0 Highlight
User can own several blogs. Admin can set a max blogs ($maxuserblogs) in pop.ini.php.
User can edit blogs information. Category, Title, Email, etc.
Support categories. Admin can make categories. User can chose it.
Support list view mode. With or without contents, Category filter, Page controller.
Support VOTE mode. You can vote yes or no and see it by ranking chart.

Reviews total: 2

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : chardiar 2004/10/20
   "Disk space."

Is it possible to control disk space total to each blog?

Example: 1 Mb max. to each blog.

How do I do it?

Thanks in advance.

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : mongrel 2005/02/22
   "Excellent Blog mod!"
There are a few tiny issues with this module, but this is a great multi-user blog mod. It's clean, and I think (hope, maybe?) that my members will not require much coaching to figure it out. It could use more administration/preferences options, and there are some oddities...

For example, when the admin sets the activation to "activate automatically," the user fills out the form and is sent back to the homepage and has to click on Popnup Blog again to see that their blog has been created. When they do, they see that the title of their post is New user registration at La Perla News and the message of the post is (user) has just registered!

But that can be dealt with by going to the language file main.php and changing the text of line 7. All in all, a VERY good work in progress.



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