FreeContent v0.20 - New Module (RC1)
Category : Modules
Published by SibSerag on 30-Jan-2002 07:36
I have quickly coded an content include module.
(For my site, but you can use it as well. I hope RC2 has an equal module included))

What it does:
It wraps your php or html content into the nice Xoops Design of your Page

How it does:
1. Simply install this module and put your content (html or php) in an .inc file.
2. put the .ink file into the content folder of this module (e.g. /modules/freecontent/content/
3. link to /modules/freecontent/index.php?fc_content=mycontent (without .inc)

(sorry, there ist no database and admin system, i hope there will be one in the RC2 version, someone should make :)

Where it is:

... yours