SEO Links in Publisher Module
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Published by heyula on 07-Feb-2022 21:00
When I activate the seo feature in the publisher, the link will be as follows


where .item.6 represents the article ID

With this hack, the link structure will be as follows


Free of .item.6 software

What to do for this process

publisher/class/Seo.php - found on line 122 in the file

return XOOPS_URL '/' $helper->getConfig('seo_module_name') . ".${op}.${id}/${shortUrl}";

in its place

return XOOPS_URL '/' $helper->getConfig('seo_module_name') . "-${id}/${shortUrl}";

Replace with code.

Sample .htaccess

RewriteEngine   On

#For Ajax Rating -
RewriteRule ^modules/publisher/index.php/([a-z]+).([0-9.]+)/include/ajax_rating.phpmodules/publisher/include/ajax_rating.php?%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^publisher.([a-z]+).([0-9.]+)/include/ajax_rating.phpmodules/publisher/include/ajax_rating.php?%{QUERY_STRING}

#SEO .Htaccess setting

RewriteRule ^publisher-([0-9.]+)/([a-z-]+).html modules/publisher/item.php?itemid=$[L]

Publisher SEO settings

Original Image

New Link Example:

Old Link Example: ... r-ve-lastik-takozlar.html