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Myiframe 1.67.0 Beta 1 Released for Testing

Category : Modules | Published by Mamba on 27-Jan-2022 02:30
XOOPS Myiframe 1.67.0 Beta.1 released for testing/contributions!

MyIFrame for XOOPS CMS is a module for adding content from other Websites by using "iframes"

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/mambax7/myiframe/releases


ISSUES/BUGS: Please report all issues on GitHub

- XOOPS 2.5.10
- PHP 7.2+

New in this release:

- namespaces (mamba)
- class autoloading with preloads(mamba)
- renamed 'PHP_SELF' to 'SCRIPT_NAME' (mamba)
- PHP7, PHP8 adjustments (mamba)
- symantic versioning (mamba)
- added Blocksadmin class (mamba)
- strict_types (mamba)
- added Testdata buttons & data (mamba)
- SQL quotations (JJDai54)

Tested on PHP 7.4.27 and PHP 8.1.2