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XoopsFAQ 2.1.0 Alpha 2

Category : Modules | Published by Mamba on 29-Oct-2021 17:40
XoopsFAQ 2.1.0 Alpha 2 released for testing/contributions!

XoopsFAQ is a simple but powerful FAQ module that includes permissions aware categories, and which was recently updated by Zyspec and Geekwright

This release adds Schema Markup through JSON-LD to mark up your FAQs with structured data based on www.schema.org to help search engines better understand the content of your FAQ web page

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/mambax7/xoopsfaq/releases


ISSUES/BUGS: Please report all issues on GitHub

- XOOPS 2.5.10
- PHP 7.3+

It was tested on PHP 8.012 and PHP 8.1 RC-5