Goffy wins PHP Classes Innovation Award with XOOPS ModuleBuilder!
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Published by Mamba on 04-Jan-2021 17:30
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Congratulations to Gottfried Gabor (aka Goffy) for winning the December 2020 PHP Innovation Award at PHPClasses with XOOPS ModuleBuilder, which was originally started by the TDM Team, and redesigned by TxMod!

Yet another awesome news for the XOOPS Community!

This is already a fourth win for Goffy! He previously won the August contest with his wgGallery module, October contest with his wgTeams module, and Transifex!

Goffy, we're very proud of you and your achievement!!!

Viva XOOPS!!!

P.S. Hopefully more people will now use XOOPS ModuleBuilder to develop new modules for XOOPS!