xmDoc 1.1 Final Released
Category : Modules
Published by Mage on 29-Dec-2020 16:00
xmDoc 1.1 Final module for XOOPS CMS 2.5.10+ is now available!

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/GregMage/xmdoc/releases

FORK: https://github.com/GregMage/xmdoc/

This module is initially complementary to the modules of the xm-modules series. In fact, associated with these, it will allow you to add documents to your articles (xmnews module) and to your static pages (xmcontent module). It is possible to integrate into any module! To do this, just follow the tutorial on https://www.monxoops.fr.

More Info: https://www.monxoops.fr/modules/xmdoc/document.php?doc_id=8

Changes in this version:

Bug fixes:
- Access from the index to a non-existent category generated an error message.
- The search did not take account of access rights.
- An error appeared if the document id was wrong (edition from the user part).
- An error appeared when deleting a document.

- Added the suppression of votes when deleting a document (xmsocial).
- If the modal option is not used, the link points to the description of the document (otherwise direct download).
- Added compatibility with XOOPS 2.5.10 (previously only compatible with XOOPS 2.5.11).
- Update of boostrap 4 templates.
- Fixed define (language).
- Compatibility with PHP 8.