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Published by alain01 on 06-Dec-2020 10:30
The monxoops.fr team is proud to present its brand new xoops tutorials via a specific module!

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For many months, we (The monxoops.fr team) has included in our roadmap an element that was important to us:

The posting of a Tutorial covering all the XOOPS universes, whether:

- The XOOPS core,
- Modules,
- Themes,
- Development,
- Useful tools.

Long pages of information are tedious to read and you get confused.
We had ideas for tutorials, easier to read, to consult, but we needed a tool for its management, to manage the tutorials and their associated pages.

Greg was therefore responsible for creating a module exclusively dedicated to the management of tutorials.
As soon as we realized, we produced 2 tutorials and there is no doubt that within a few weeks, the number of available tutorials will grow rapidly.

We therefore invite you to consult these tutorials!

Here are the very first ones:

XOOPS Category: Configure XOOPS captcha (Normal Level)

Theme Category: Choose a preinstalled theme (Beginner Level)

Do you want to access the tutorials page? Good visit !

NB :
For now the tutorials are only in French