ModuleInstaller 1.04 Beta 1 Released
Category : Modules
Published by Mamba on 27-Sep-2020 02:30
ModuleInstaller 1.04 Beta 1 is released

ModuleInstaller is a XOOPS module to install and uninstall XOOPS Modules in bulk, instead of doing it one by one.

New in this release:

- PHP8,
- activate/deactivate modules in bulk

Sometimes when we develop/test modules, we want to test them only with certain other modules being active. Deactivating and then activating modules one by one takes too long.
Now, we can activate and deactivate all modules at once (or select individual modules to activate/deactivate).



- XOOPS 2.5.10
- PHP 7+

Tested on PHP 8.0 Beta 4

NOTE: You might need to make this change to Core, to the file:
See here: