xmNews 1.1 released
Category : Modules
Published by alain01 on 18-Apr-2020 20:00
        The monxoops.fr team is pleased to announce the availability of the xmnews module in its stable version 1.1.
        This version can be used on a production website.
        The xmnews module allows you to create articles in categories and finely manage permissions by
        - Read the article summary
        - Read the full article
        - Submit an article
        - Edit & publish an article
        - Delete
        The package also provides templates for an overload with a responsive design. (Read the article " Improved User Experience on the Xmnews module ")
        We have just set up a catalog of XOOPS Modules
        This one will obviously quickly welcome other Modules that we will have tested and validated and which have real interests.
        For each Module, you will find a complete descriptive sheet which will give a detailed explanation of its possibilities.        
        Article example:

Download and more info: please visit the xmnews info page

You can read the original news on www.monxoops.fr (French language)