wgTeams 1.09 RC1
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Published by goffy on 10-Apr-2019 04:20
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wgTeams 1.09 RC1 is ready for testing. This XOOPS module can be used to present one or more teams
You can define different teams and people. Then you can associate the people with one or more teams. The basic information (e.g., email address) of the person is then displayed to all teams. In addition, additional fields can be created, which are then used on certain combinations of team / members, e.g. Tasks within the team, position in the team, etc.

The team (s) can be displayed via index.php or via blocks.

All templates are fully responsive if a bootstrap theme is used, or you need to manually include the bootstrap files in your theme.

- Different table styles
- Different picture styles
- Different possibilities for image positioning

What's new in version 1.09:
* Change to namespaces
* The module is ready for XOOPS 2.5.10 and PHP 7.3
* The module contains a completely new image editing program
-- Automatic reduction of the image to predefined width / height
-- Easily create picture collages
-- Easy cropping of images
-- Scaled picture

Detailed tutorial: https://www.gitbook.com/book/xoops/wgteams-tutorial/details

Download: https://github.com/ggoffy/wgteams/releases/tag/1.09

Feedback of any kind (praise, criticism, suggestions for improvement) are always welcome