xmContent 0.30 final
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Published by Mage on 08-Sep-2018 06:00
Xmcontent is a simple content module for XOOPS. This module allows create content pages. This is the indispensable module for a website.

Creating content on XOOPS has never been easier .

The main point on the module:
• Individual permissions for all contents.
• Keywords (SEO) per content editable.
• Description (SEO) per content editable.
• Header and footer Customizable on the module home page.
• Selection xoops editor.

What's new in version 0.30:

Bug fixes:
- Title field was not displayed on the view page when using a template even if specified in the page option
- With the use of templates it was mandatory to fill the field "Text", this is no longer the case.

- Ability to put content on the home page
- Add a block of content
- Ability to add documents to the content with the xmdoc module
- Ability to add an image for a content (visible on the homepage)
- The "Text" field allows you to add a description on the home page if you use a text template
- Using Xmf\Module\Helper for configurations
- Optimization of the code (mamba)
- Adding comments
- Using Xmf / Metagen for Meta data (title, keywords)
- Using Xmf for the admin menu

The modules are optimized to run on the 2.5.9 version of XOOPS.

DOWNLOAD: xmcontent

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