XoopsFaq 1.25 RC1
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Published by zyspec on 18-May-2017 12:40

XoopsFaq 1.25 RC1

XoopsFaq 1.25 - RC1
A simple, yet powerfull Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE (RC) release, do not use it on a production site!

Xoopsfaq is a XOOPS module that allows an administrator to create FAQs and responses. This version of the module has been refactored and provides the ability for site administrators to create FAQs and assign them to a category. The categories utlize the XOOPS Group Pemission subsystem to allow the administrator to limit visibility of a category (and subsequently the FAQs in the category). The code has been updated to work with, and take advantage of the features in, XOOPS 2.5.9. The module includes the following features:

XoopsFaq Features:

Why is this an RELEASE CANDIDATE Release?

  1. This module needs some additional testing - Please consider helping!
  2. All of the functionality that will be added to this version has been included - we now need to test and fix any issues so we can create a production release
  3. The documentation isn't complete - please consider creating a GitBook for this module.
  4. We need to create language translation files on TRANSIFEX. Currently ENGLISH is included with the module but please consider helping translate to other languages

Important Notices:

Please read the /docs/install.txt file for installation and configuration information.

Backup your existing site before installing/upgrading any new XOOPS module.

Download: XOOPS FAQ - NOTE: Don't forget to rename the folder from xoopsfaq-master to xoopsfaq before you install the module.

Issues: Please post issues in the XoopsFAQ GitHub issues tracker.