New module wgTimelines
Category : Modules
Published by goffy on 21-Jan-2017 16:20
Hi all

New year - and as a present a new module!

The XOOPS module wgTimelines is a simple module for presentation of your timelines.
You can define various items for each timeline.

For displaying your timeline you can select between different templates, which have also various settings.
To your timelines you can add descriptions and/or a logos.

For each item you can besides the content an image. For the items you can also use a rating system.

Most of the templates on user side are fully responsive, but for proper displaying you must use a bootstrap theme obligatory. Depending on the template you can select various options like colors, border styles, badges and many more.


Detailed tutorial:


For more details see also ... nglefile.php?cid=1&lid=10