YouTube plugin Installation in the TinyMCE editor
Category : Tutorials
Published by alain01 on 14-May-2013 08:16
Hello Xoopser !!!

Today, i want to show to you how it's easy to add a new plugin in the TinyMCE editor.
Why not try with the youtube plugin ? Original Image

Ok, sooooooo, let's go !

1) First, download the youtube plugin here (Zip File here)

2) Extract zip and copy the directory /youtube in /class/xoopseditor/tinymce/tiny_mce/plugins/
in your XOOPS installation

3) Modify the /class/xoopseditor/tinymce/settings.php file

You could re-read the news Using templates pages in modules.
The part 2 : "Add the template botton".

Add "youtube" in :
Line 70

Line 85
"theme_advanced_buttons4" => "xoopsimagemanager,xoopsemotions,xoopsquote,xoopscode,xoopsmlcontent,youtube",

4) That's All ! Now, Enjoy it

Maybe in the next XOOPS version it would be included by default...