Individual URL optimization for every page
Category : Hacks
Published by pw-kw on 24-Jun-2011 13:21
My goal was to optimize the URL line individually for each page:

- regardless of modules
- regardless of file structures
- free text for your URL (SEO)
- individual for every page
- everything ends with .html or what ever you want


should be to ... rte/angeln-in-bayern.html

Another example:

should be to

If you want, you can see these two examples on the Internet …

For this solution, there is a file, where you can define the URL-list, like this:

/angelgewaesser/bayernkarte/angeln-in-bayern.html => /modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=1

/angelseen/bayern/angeln-am-ammersee.html => /modules/news/article.php?storyid=14

After that, you have defined the URL-list, the list is automatically transmitted in the .htaccess-file

You see – very simple …

There is one main file hack to do. A few lines of code to insert. Create Custom URL list. Done. I've tested this with 2.2.5 and XOOPS XOOPS 2.5. Runs well.

I test everything through, and make the hack available for all XOOPS users. Maybe someone has the interest to cooperate. A module creation of this hack with backend administration would be a good next step.