myDownload Module Hack
Category : Hacks
Published by eevans on 29-Aug-2002 21:47
I am in the process of hacking the mydownload module to enable me to create a book-management module in which I will be able to upload books to my Web site and indicate for each book the versions available and the download module will then display multiple version downloads for each book. Right now, the download module, which I am eventually going to rename myFreeBooks and mySaleBooks will handle books with four static extensions, .pdf, .txt, .htm and .lit. Eventually, there will be between one and five links per title depending on which versions for each book are being supported, and you will be able to select what information is displayed about each book you enter into the database on a per-book basis.

If you're interested in this hack, then send me an e-mail message and let me know. I'll send you the .php files to make it work along with other instructions. You can view the hack at When you get to the site, register and then click on Books. I have also greatly modified the graphics that the standard mydownloads module uses. This project should eventually result in two brand new modules for Xoops.

My email address is: