Newbb 2.0 RC1 available
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Published by Anonymous on 28-Sep-2004 10:39
The Xoops Project is pleased to give you the Release Candidate 1 of the

Newbb 2.0

The Newbb 2.0 Rc1 is totally rewritten and comes with some extra features.

Short feature list:

- New Permission System
- New Admin Interface
- Reorder Categories, Forums and Subforums
- Subforums
- Attachments ( setable to show Pic`s directly )
- Add Poll to Topic
- Prune System
- Digest System
- Karmasystem
- Experience Levelsystem
- Rate a Thread Function
- Editing and deleting can have a timelimit.
- Post setable to Post only after a Timelimit ( next post i.e. 30 sec from same User )
- Moderate a Group ( POst need to be approved before displaying )
- Choice between Realname or Nickname ( sugesstion from herve )
- Page Title Hack by Xoops-France included
- Fulltext Notification
- Topic Subject Prefix
- In Blocks you can select which Forum or Forums to display
- Print Thread
- RSS Feed
- collapsing Categories and Fastreply Box ( Cookie will remember Position )
- all the Mark read stuff
- Disclaimer ( Choose to display Reply / Post / Both / None )
- reply first before seeing the other replies

Most Features are of course setable in the Module config and/or Forum config.

- new Layout using PNG instead of GIF`s ( 96% is converted )
- Popup menus
- Templates are xhtml 1.0 validated

Digest in NewBB 2.0

What is digest?

Digests are a special type of topics chosen/marked by moderators. These topics are usually highly valuable and can be viewed through 'view digest post' in the forum, as well as being sent to subscribers though PM or emails.

How is the digest handled in NewBB 2.0 ?

A. sending digest: if $xoopsModuleConfig['email_digest'] is set to 1 (daily) or 2 (weekly), the digest will be sent out by calling newbb/digest.php
Note: it is suggested to use cronjob for automatically sending out digest for the current version of newbb
B. prompt: the webmasters(moderators) are notified from the newbb/admin/index.php by being indicated the due time to send out the digest according to the set preference
C. managing sent digests: sent digests can be viewed or deleted from newbb/admin/admin_digest.php


You can downoad the package here :
- Newbb 2.0 RC1

The Package comes with following updaters for:

Newbb 1 to Newbb 2.0
Newbb Pro 1.03 to Newbb 2.0
Newbb 2.0Beta4 to Newbb 2.0

Language Files:

Currently english, french and protuguesebr ( the german files are not finshed )

Note for installing:

To a proper working Popup menu you have to be sure that the <{xoops_module_header}> is included in your theme.html

1. Overwrite all the files in the old newbb folder

2. Run the Updater you need ( see above )

3. Update the Module in the Moduleadmin

4. Set your Permissions to the Categories and Forums new

ToDo list for the Version 2.1

- Attachment Manager
- Clone Permissions ( from one Forum to the next )
- Multiple Attachments
- Topic Subject Prefix with more Permission options
- Posting with Emails
- Move Post to the News and/or smartfaq Module
- Converters for other Forums ( phpBB2, IBF )

The module also has an About page in the admin side were you will find links to the official Newbb 2.0 developpement project at the developers's forge, as well as link to submit bug or request features.

I could not have done this module without the help of many other people. In the About page of the module, I explain more deeply the work of all these people. However, I would like to respectfully thank all the people who have worked with me in this project. Among those people, special thanks to : Mithrandir, phppp, samuels, Dave_L and koivi for his replacePngTags function Thank you !!

Greetz Predator and phppp